Directions to Grocery Stores

The nearest grocery stores are 30 minutes from Randall Glen. We recommend that you stop and purchase your groceries before arrival so you don’t have to go back out and shop. Whether you come via I-40 or NC 63, there is a good Ingles Supermarket on either route. Both stores are new, large, very nice supermarkets, with local produce, good deli and wine sections, even Starbucks.  Each one also has a gas plaza with the best prices around.  It’s a very good idea to gas up, since there are no gas stations in Big Sandy Mush.

From I-40:

If you’re coming from I-40, the closest grocery would be the Ingles Supermarket at Exit 31 (Canton), one exit west of 33.  When you get off at Exit 31, if you were traveling west you’ll turn left; going east, you’ll turn right.  Go about a block and you’ll see Ingles on the left at a traffic light.  After shopping, return to I-40 East and go one exit to Exit 33 to reach Randall Glen by the Mountain Route or the Gentle Route.

From Asheville on NC 63 (Leicester Highway):

From Patton Avenue, once you get on NC 63, go about 5 miles. Ingles Supermarket will be on the right, at a traffic light. There will be a Walgreen’s, a Sonic, and a bank on the other corners.