Randall Glen Pyrenees

AKC, CKC, and Black Great Pyrenees Guardian Dogs

Raising Remarkable Guardians Since 2006

Shining Stars of a Wonderful Breed

The dogs of Randall Glen represent Great Pyrenees at their very best.  We carefully raise our dogs to do the work they were born for and to be kind companions as well.  We have bred and raised Great Pyrenees for years.  If you’re looking for a big hearted dog that will be a protector for your animals and a loving part of your family, see if one of our pups will be right for you.

Here at Randall Glen, our Great Pyrenees are the heart of our farm. In fact, we couldn’t have a farm at all without them! We’re on a mountainside next to 2,000 acres of conservation wilderness, home to every predator you can imagine. We raise goats, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, and poultry, and thanks to our guardian Pyrenees we hardly ever have a loss. Every day our Great Pyrenees defend our animals from coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and foxes, plus small predators like raccoons, possums, weasels, hawks, and owls.

And we raise sound, healthy dogs. At our 3100-foot elevation on the side of the mountain, our pups get plenty of cardio exercise to grow strong muscles, wind, and heart. And thanks to our careful breeding, we have birthed hundreds of pups and have never yet had one reported with any defect.

The Great Pyrenees is a guardian breed, genetically programmed to be caretakers. The whole purpose in life for these gentle giants is protecting the livestock and the people that are in their care. They are not watchdogs, they are not herders, they are guardians—some people describe them as “guardian angels”. One of the oldest breeds—over 10,000 years old–Pyrenees came out of Central Asia with the nomads and their flocks. Each of our dogs is backed by thousands of generations of “taking care”. These amazing, valiant dogs will fight to the death to protect their flocks.

Yet as fierce as the Pyrenees is against predators, this breed also makes a wonderfully kind companion. They have been dubbed “gentle giants” with good reason. These huge dogs will gently snuggle the smallest kitten, and take tiny steps to match the toddler that walks with them.

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Our Principles

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We strive to raise high quality pups and constantly improve our bloodlines.

We treat our clients with integrity, responsiveness, transparency, and respect.

We practice ethical business.  Owner Mary Adore Coloney says, “My dad always taught me that no deal is a good deal unless both parties come out ahead.”