Superior Parents of Superior Pups

We are so in love, the pups are doing wonderful.  They are sleeping well and bring such joy to our lives. Thank you times a million.            
–K.C., Vero Beach, Florida, August 2019 

Super Pup!  Just an update on Josh.  My beautiful puppy had his first vet checkup yesterday. Passed with flying colors!  He weighs almost 25lbs.!  I can hardly pick him up. He is so smart and also very sweet.           
–E.K., Camden, South Carolina, August 2019

 All is great with the puppy. My kids have named her Holly. She has taken right up with us and even started guarding the house against some roaming deer in the yard.  Holly is now 50 pounds and loves to ride in the truck with me everywhere I go.  She is a very intelligent dog.  Our family loves her very much.            
–A.S., Zirconia, North Carolina, January 2017

 I just wanted to let you know I am in love with my dog!  She is doing everything exactly as she is supposed to and hardly takes her eyes off my chickens, she lays and watches them all day.  I have had many dogs in my life and she is officially my favorite.  Been calling her Gracie.  Thank you soooo much for my precious dog!           
B.P., Bakersville, North Carolina, October 2016

 Just thought I would attach our Christmas picture since our puppies we adopted from you this summer, Luke and Leia, are in it with us.  They are a beloved part of our family now. πŸ™‚  Our old dog, Shamoo, and Leia are the runners and Luke is the one who stays behind to protect the farm.  It was amazing to see them take on their roles at such a young age.  Now they are like old hands at it.  I actually heard my first coyotes the other night when I was out closing up the chicken coop.  Didn’t take long for Leia to have them chased out of the area!            
–A.P., Saluda, North Carolina, December 2015

 What a great disposition these dogs have.  We love them.  We walk the perimeter of the property several times a day.  Our back porch is their home base which they learned immediately.  At first the chickens were afraid of the dogs – but are now calm.           
–A.R., Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, July 2015

 The dogs are great! We just adore them. Rufus has become our yard dog. He follows us as we go from chore to chore in between chasing things around the farm and sleeping on the front porch. He just waits for me while I mess with the chickens and then we move on to the next thing. My son in particular has really taken to him. He’s been kind of afraid of dogs but he just loves Rufus.  All of my farm friends are eaten up with jealousy! Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs. They mind very well and are so sweet and gentle.           
–S.H., Greenwood, South Carolina, December 2011

Happy Dogs, Happy Farms,
Happy Families