Randall Glen was the PERFECT vacation for our family!

“Randall Glen was the PERFECT vacation for our family—there was something for all of us—of all ages—to do! Our boys, 5 and 4, fell in love with the dogs and the wild. They rode horses, fed chickens/cows/goats/llama, etc. and Liam even milked Curly the cow! I (mom) also got to experience cow milking, and I even got to milk a GOAT. Mimi and Pops (the grandparents) had a blast watching their grandkids get FILTHY dirty and enjoy the outdoors, and the boys’ daddy took tons of pictures as he admired the magnificent sights and sounds of Randall Glen. With all the cell phones and computers OFF, we were able to enjoy and appreciate each other and the astounding beauty of Mother Nature. Oh, and we got to witness Mother Nature’s powers as we witnessed a flash flood, watching a trickling creek transform into a gushing white-water river! We would come here again in a HEARTBEAT. In fact, we’re already making preparations! P.S. GET SOME BARBECUE!! You won’t be disappointed!! (Squash casserole—mmm!! Oh, and the boys enjoyed fresh milk from the cow!!)” –Maurepas, Louisiana