What a magical place this turned out to be!

“What a magical place this turned out to be! The very well-planned website led us to believe we’d be going on a very easy, laid-back vacation unlike the many camping trips we took in previous years. It was a little bit of a shock –seeing the windy roads and wondering if our 2-wheel drive vehicle would make it up to our cabin. While this might not be what we expected—it ended up being so much more. Visiting Randall Glen has really shifted our thinking and has us questioning the direction of our lives. Where we are from it’s always go-go-go. The days blur together and it makes you wonder where the week went. Being here has allowed us to slow down and appreciate the simple things. It has also allowed our 5 and 3 year old to do the same. Now not only did we NOT want to leave but we are seriously considering a move. Thank you for this unexpected eye opening experience—if we don’t end up being neighbors we will certainly be back soon.” — Massachusetts