Our Animals

Knowing that many of the old breeds and varieties are disappearing, wherever we can we raise traditional, heirloom animals and crops.

Farm Vacation Rentals NCOur highland Shetland sheep are the same ancient breed long treasured in Scotland for their wool, and said to have been brought there by the Vikings. These beautiful, sturdy sheep have wonderful curved horns and bear wool in every color. In the spring you’ll be delighted by the new lambs playing in the sheep meadow, and in summer you might see the annual shearing.
Farm Vacation Rentals NCOur Sebastopol geese, with their orange beaks and brilliant white, fluffy feathers look as if they’ve been through a wind tunnel backwards. Ducks keep us company on the pond and you’re likely to see parades of ducklings all summer. When the young ducks learn to fly, they delight in tap dancing on the tin roof of the barn! Every day you’re welcome to help us gather eggs from our free range chickens. The feisty little Banties like to spend the day in the rhododendrons by the creek, and the red-gold Comets like to visit the horse barn and lay eggs in the feed boxes. The fluffy-legged Cochins and the shimmering gold Buff Orpingtons are always out and about looking for grasshoppers. You’ll enjoy their eggs for breakfast, ranging from tiny, 2-inch Banty size to enormous speckled brown eggs.
Farm Vacation Rentals NCOur Nubian goats bring perhaps the most smiles. They’ll climb anything, and love to nap on rocks, logs, and even the picnic table in their pasture. They come in every sort of color and marking-Razzle Dazzle is black with white polka dots-and they’re very friendly. They love to be petted, and happily join us on walks. The tiny spring kids might be the most adorable baby animals there are. Well into the summer we’ll be hand feeding those that need it, and you’re welcome to give a bottle to a baby.
Farm Vacation Rentals NCAlmost as many smiles come from our llamas. Black Shiloh is the dad llama, very kind and definitely buck-toothed. Sequoia the mama llama and her daughter Magnolia are both spotted. There’s something inherently silly yet dignified about these preposterous-looking animals, and we love them. They don’t always want to be petted, but if you stand quite still they’re likely to come up and gently sniff your nose. Shiloh is always happy to be given a llama-chow treat, and he’s very polite about it.
Farm Vacation Rentals NCOur cow, Mrs. Wilberforce, is a Jersey, the same as Elsie the Borden Cow. It’s a breed famous for their beauty as much as their rich milk and cream. We milk her twice a day and enjoy her wonderful milk as well as the butter, cheese, and clotted cream we make with it. Mrs. Wilberforce is particularly fond of collards greens from the garden, and she and her daughter Miss Moo love to be petted.
Farm Vacation Rentals NCWe have a large herd of horses both for work and for riding. Besides the saddle horses we have Mac, our huge spotted draft horse, and Pete and Jake, our team of Haflingers who pull the wagon. Guests are invited to ride with us at our stables or give a hand with feeding or grooming the horses. We offer amazing Farm Vacations.