Amazing! Beautiful! God’€™s country!

“Amazing! Beautiful! God’s country! We came up from Tampa, a bunch of “city slickers” not sure what to expect. We couldn’t be happier—the place is great. Back to nature! My girls LOVE the dogs, horses and cows, sheep and goats. We rode twice while we were here. Amazing, beautiful trail rides. The girls milked cows, goats, fed chickens, goats and sheep and bottlefed Ms. Petunia the lamb. Gem mining was one of our girls’ favorite activities, second to the horses and animal feeding. We got some spectacular gems and made jewelry. My girls hung out with the farm hands every day, asking question after question. Everyone here at Randall Glen was patient, kind, and helpful. This has been a wonderful family vacation. We plan to come back for sure!” –Tampa, Florida