We have accumulated a bunch of questions we get asked frequently. Let us know if you have any more!

Do I need reservations?
Do I need to know how to ride?
What should I wear?
How early should I get there?
What are the trails like?
Are the trail rides accompanied by guides? Can I ride alone?
What kind of horses do you have?
What kind of saddles do you use?
How big a group can ride at one time?
Do you have any safety requirements?
Do I have to sign anything?
Do you have an age requirement?
Do you have a size limit?
What payment methods do you accept?
Are any refreshments available?
Can we bring a picnic?
Can non-riders come with us?
Can I bring my dog?
What if it rains?
Are you open all year?
We have a special event coming up. Can we have a trail ride just for our group?