nc horseback riding vacationWe ride our own mountain and meadows as well as historic wagon roads, pioneer trails, and thousands of acres of nature preserve. Starting at 3100′ and going to more than a mile in elevation, our trails include every kind of terrain. You’ll pass centuries-old mountain farms with authentic log cabins. You’ll ride through mountain glades where the only sounds are tumbling creeks and birdsong. You’re likely to see wild turkey, hawks, deer, rare birds and wildflowers–perhaps even a coyote or bobcat. So high that you may actually ride through a cloud, you’ll stand on mountaintops with the world at your feet. And on our gourmet lunch ride, you’ll dine with linens and silver in a lush Alpine dell. Because of the mountain terrain, most of our rides are walking pace with occasional trot.

nc horseback riding vacationOur experienced guides make sure you’ll have a safe and fun ride. From a one-hour ride to an all-day outing or gourmet lunch ride, we promise a memorable time to every rider. And if you like variety, we have many different trails, and even an outpost at the other end of the valley with trails from there. You can ride with us time after time and have a different experience on each ride.

Trail Rides